Switch to Linux

A few years ago the belief that “Linux is for Geeks & Nerds” was somewhat true. In the mean time those Geeks and Nerds have worked hard to bring versions of the Linux Operating system that allow users of Windows to get their tasks done without much of a learning curve.

Those that are somewhat computer savvy will hit the ground running while those less skilled have an opportunity to build their skills to a higher level with system that is more stable and focused on letting them get their work done.

The Linux-Mint operating system is based on the strength of Ubuntu (a derivative of Debian). So much for the family tree. Under the hood Linux-Mint is more conservative and stable in day to day operation.

Whilst lacking some of the bling and novelties of the parents it is a reliable workhorse. The essential applications are built-in from the start. FireFox as a web-browser, Thunderbird (also a Mozilla product) for demanding eMail service and the LibreOffice Suite of applications for wordprocessing (LibreOffice Writer), spreadsheets (LibreOffice), presentations (LibreOffice Impress), databses design and operation (LibreOffice Base) and drawings (LibreOffice Draw).

The LibreOffice  Suite is a drop-in for it’s name brand cousins. LibreOffice can handle most documents, spreadsheets and other content created under the ‘brand name applications’. Whilst suggesting FOSS (Free Open Source Software) file formats, ALL applications can read and save back to the common Microsoft formats. This allows you to keep operating with other staff an/or locations and customers/suppliers who have not (yet) made the switch.

Linux-Mint offers over 75,000 other software solutions that are FOSS and in addition many Windows Application can be run as if they were installed on a Windows computer.

Operating system and applications mentioned above are FOSS and are LEGAL to use on as many computers as you like and for unrestricted commercial use… Since there are no license compliance schemes installed – migration of user files and applications from one computer to another Linux Computer is extremely simple. Once in operation the time (and money!) savings or TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) are substantial in the long run.

Let us make a plan for you – whether you are reviving an old PC, re-purposing a LapTop or converting an entire office.